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Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that can liberate you from physical and energetic constraints that limit your freedom and wellbeing.   The focus is the movement of life-force energy. Shiatsu works by direct hands on contact with your body's energy Meridians. These are the same Meridians as those used in Acupuncture but using finger pressure instead of needles. The work moves energy that is stuck and not moving and treats areas of pain that are the result of body armor. 

Your personal identity expresses the life-force energy within you. It is who you are in the world, and whom you know yourself to be, physically, emotionally, and mentally. If this energy moves in you, then your life-force flows freely in your life. You experience being fully embodied with conscious awareness of sensation, feeling, and mindfulness in your body. When it doesn't move, you often experience pain. 


Though pain occurs as a result of injuries, it also is felt when energy is locked up in body armor that does not move. This can be experienced as a body of pain, emotional armor, or rigid thinking. Often at the root, there is an sensation held in the body that is maintained by an armored structure of concentrated energy that defends against remembered, imagined, or real threats. When these energetic states have evolved over your lifetime, you can find your that possibilities are naturally limited. This armoring is often habitually persistent in the body, but it can be made to move and to release.


Shiatsu is about helping you to De-armor yourself.  This is accomplished by dispersing stuck concentrated energy or tonifying an empty void of energy or habitual weakness. As a result, blocked sensations and suppressed emotions are felt and expressed, providing you with new access to observing yourself with the new eyes of an embodied mind. Thus you are clear and able to make more accurate assessments. Your body then is capable of pain-free movement and also the natural experience of pleasurable sensation. When the body functions like this, we naturally experience health, a relaxed presence, and a sense of wellbeing.