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Zen Shiatsu is my primary bodywork modality. It is based on ancient Asian bodywork which makes use of energy meridians that channel the life-force energy of the body. It is also what Wilhelm Reich called the Bion or Orgone energy, and it is the universal energy that he discovered to be present in all living matter, which was clearly understood in human cultures for thousands of years before the scientific era.

This energy, called Qi, can sometimes get blocked, stagnant, or deficient in body and mind.  When this happens, the body-mind that we are as a human being becomes armored, according to Wilhelm Reich. In terms of Qi, an energetic condition is encoded into the body and its organs. This can be the source of a ‘pain body’ as well as for character traits, and familiar moods that are felt in daily living. 

In my work, Zen Shiatsu and other de-armoring techniques are combined to get at the embodied self we experience in the living of our life, through our body, emotion, and thoughts. Through bodywork, the client experiences meditative awareness of sensation and feels grounded in the body. Stuck energy becomes moving energy. and deficiencies of energy are strengthened. After the session, the client integrates and discovers themself as a being a new observer of their own experience in the living of their in doing what they do more naturally and with greater ease.

75 Minutes   $100

> Coaching >


My style of Coaching address's the way we as human beings observe experience. We make ontological distinctions that focus on the meaning that we make in 3 different domains of life.  These are the domains of  Facts, Possibilities, and Risks.  Our understanding of our circumstances in life is always about these three domains. In particular, it is about how we make assessments, and what we take for being true, either with or without evidence. Much of the work is breaking this down by looking to determine if what we say is actually true or merely believed. To accomplish this we use the skill set of ontological coaching to bring about the liberation of self-love and self-respect from the many false assessments and assertions that we live as if they are facts about us and our history in being alive.

However, we extend this beyond just words, because we also observe our sensations, feelings, and moods. Together with what we say in language, this coherence of body, emotion, and thoughts is unique individual intelligence.  In coaching, we bring these three aspects of our embodiment together and observe them in action as we assess though conversation what happens when we either accept or deny the truth the domains of  Facts, Possibilities, and Risks  based on our experience. It is in conversations about these domains of living where liberation is possible in the self-perception of the client.

Being and doing are the expression of what we experience in our body as sensing, feeling, and thinking as we take the actions that make up daily life. Our performance is a direct result of being awake and present while doing the actions that we do in daily life. This is not an abstract philosophy. We observe what happens in life using these capacities, and also can see ourselves in the process of actually seeing it.  In our conversations we will examine your assessments of the world from the clarity that comes from being a more aware observer in the act of your actions in the world.

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> Body Mind Dearmoring >


Body Mind De-armoring releases chronic body armor that blocks free-flowing life-force energy. Like Yin and Yang, this energy contracts and expands. From childhood to adulthood, protective armor can take root in the body. Its original purpose was as a defense, but the lasting result is a blockage in the flow of life-force energy.


Body-armor then shows up as physical pain, sensual dullness, sexual inhibitions, or habitual moods of living. So, blocked energy causes a variety of disturbances instead of a natural sense of well-being.

De-armoring works by releasing contracted energy or strengthening to fill energy leaks. The result is that bio-psychic energy once again flows freely, as life-force is rebalanced in us. This may involve a profound and sudden cathartic release. Or, gentle radiation of pleasure warmly felt in the body. It is pleasure itself that is our birthright, and which can be recovered when armor is released

​Liberating coaching conversations also de-armor, by bringing self-love through awareness to areas of persistent suffering, where love has been denied or seems lost.  But mostly, de-armoring is hands-on bodywork, and other somatic practices aimed at breaking open and releasing body armor. This involves inner work with your own attention and breathing while receiving finger pressure on pressure points along energy meridians that may feel sensitive or painful. These are often in the torso, the belly, groin, arms, and legs, but can be anywhere.

During the session, we maintain a strong energetic contact as we work at the boundary between tolerable and intolerable sensations experienced with conscious attention and breath. After the session, we have sufficient time to talk to debrief and integrate your experience.

The movement of energy also can cause a movement in feelings. In the days after a session, you may find yourself feeling things more vividly. Habitual feelings of tenderness, anger, fear, cravings, and even sadness or elation may arise from the processing of the session. This passes with time and is completely normal, however, I am always available for conversations or coaching as needed following a session. 

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Individual Shiatsu or full-body De-Armoring sessions are in the USA at my Bryn Mawr location. Coaching for Liberating Conversations is offered in person, or over the internet anywhere in the world on ZOOM in English. Private customized intensive retreats are also available at your location anywhere in the world.  Please contact me for a free consultation on Zoom.